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Here’s a quick guide for milestones to help inform your thinking. For more information, visit our milestones page. 

6 Months

  • Babble
  • Smile
  • Reach for, grasp, or hold toys
  • Roll
  • Keep head up

12 months

  • Point or wave
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Chew chuck sized foods
  • Use index finger and thumb to pick up small items
  • Crawl, sit up without support, or hold onto furniture to stand

18 months

  • Play with other children
  • Say names and other words
  • Understand simple requests
  • Scribble with a crayon
  • Walk or stand without support

24 months

  • Play with toys intentionally
  • Say words clearly
  • Use two-word sentences
  • Feed self with utensils
  • Walk up or down stairs, run, and throw a ball

36 months

  • Engage in pretend play
  • Use simple sentences
  • Dress and feed self
  • Manipulate small toys
  • Jump with two feet together and kick a ball

48 months

  • Engage in cooperative play
  • Follow two step directions
  • Speak sentences clearly
  • Is fully toilet trained
  • Pedal a tricycle, balance on one leg, and can catch a ball

60 months

  • Play with peers
  • Verbalize feelings and emotions
  • Answer questions
  • Draw faces and simple shapes
  • Hop and climb